Business Management Roundup – How to manage a business and small business management, is what this video is focused on. Check out the other videos in the series on the “7 Steps to Business Cert… Domo gives every business user—from executives to interns—the power to make better-informed decisions in less time. It’s

Drones roundup

Expert discusses drones, warfare and the media Professor Lisa Parks is the co-editor of “Life in the Age of Drone Warefare,” published by Duke University Press. Professor Lisa Parks is the co-editor of “Life in the Age of Drone Warefare,” publishe… Read more Indian state uses drones to prevent open

Analytics and technology are disrupting the auto-rental industry

The inflow of technology in every aspect of life has transformed the way we function on a daily basis. From the payment industry to the transport industry, most of our interactions are through an application or interface. Technology and analytics which originally impacted us at an individual level has slowly but surely begun influencing various…

Belarus Keen to Utilize Blockchain Technology – Bitcoins Channel

On July 19, the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (NBRB) announced plans to incorporate blockchain technology into a wide range of industries and it will start with financial services. The Belarusian Financial Sector and Blockchain Technology Following its commitment to becoming a leading European IT hub, Belarus reported the creation of an informatio