Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Charitable Funding | PBA

Australia’s charitable foundations support and enable work in many important fields, but their impact would be even greater if their application and decision-making processes were more efficient (i.e., consumed less time and resources for both themselves and the sectors they support) and more effective (i.e., more reliably supported the organisations best able to produce results)….

7 takeaways from the March for Science

WASHINGTON – Perhaps it was fitting that it poured rain on the March for Science here. The rallies and marches Saturday – with hundreds of thousands of people attending events around the world – served as a turning point for scientists, when many of them left the sterility of their labs and entered the muck that…


5 Facts About Apple’s Self-Driving Technology

Apple has been interested in automotive technology for a long time — the company already has the CarPlay infotainment system. But now it is moving further into the automotive industry and is working on its own self-driving technology. Read: Self-Driving Vehicles: Apple More Interested In Apps Than Cars Apple was granted a permit to test its…