Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Charitable Funding | PBA

Australia’s charitable foundations support and enable work in many important fields, but their impact would be even greater if their application and decision-making processes were more efficient (i.e., consumed less time and resources for both themselves and the sectors they support) and more effective (i.e., more reliably supported the organisations best able to produce results). This one-day symposium will look at ways to achieve more by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of funding decision-making processes: • minimise the burden of work for applicants • maximise the chances that the funder attracts and funds the best work • provide the best support to the funded work, in order to make it as successful as possible • integrate all the best evidence into how the funder funds, and what it funds Featuring a line-up of international and Australian experts and an interactive panel discussion, the symposium will facilitate a conversation between funders and researchers. The symposium is relevant to all funding bodies across all sectors – funding both research and other types of work – and will cover the health sector and beyond.

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